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Rainbow Bridge: Call for Documentary Production

The project involves the production of a documentary with the aim of providing an insight into LGBT+ migrants everyday lives in Malta so that the viewer is presented with the human aspect and the struggles of LGBT+ migrants. It will also serve as an educational tool following a long vacuum of information regarding this topic.

The documentary will put a spotlight on a number (4 to 6 individuals) of LGBT+ migrants coming from different countries and cultures. We aim to have a diverse spectrum of people to give full visibility to a wide range of people in the migrant community; people that reached the Maltese shores by boat, by airplane, coming from different countries, contests and experiences. 


The LGBT+ migrant community is one of the most vulnerable groups in society because they face racism and also homo/trans phobia both from the hosting population and their home country community. This group faces safety issues in detention and open-centres while also facing administrative hurdles in their request for asylum. This documentary will seek to give LGBT+ migrants a voice by telling their stories, the challenges they met and are still meeting but also their hopes and dreams for the future. 

The priorities therefore are to:

  • Create an education and awareness raising tool of high quality;
  • To engage a diverse range of LGBT+ migrant individuals and to engage them in the telling 
  • To focus on the resilience, courage and humanity of migrant individuals;
  • To facilitate use of the resource through dissemination and the production of accompanying guidance notes as well as the use of subtitles;

Some of the themes the documentary seeks to portray are:

  • What were the reasons that drove the individuals to leave their country?
  • What were the major challenges to arrive in a safe country?
  • What are the problems in the host country as an LGBT+ migrant?
  • What does the future look like?

Q: With reference to the open call for Building Bridges documentary, is it possible to quote for just a component of the Production?

A:  The quote submitted must cover all aspects covered in the expression of interest. However, it is possible to form a partnership or to subcontract parts of the job so long as it is clear who is doing what and who is ultimately responsible for the submission of the final product.


Call Application Deadline29th September 
Contracting of selected service provider6th October
Approval of Storyboard18th October
First Cut20th January
Final Cut28th February 

Terms of Reference 

1. Production Pre-Production / Production – Development of Story Board and Script 

2. Filming Sit down interviews 

3. Filming Day in the life filming of 4 to 6 individuals 

4. Editing 30 minute to 40 minute Documentary 

5. Audio Voice Over recording sessions 

6. Stock Music Tracks Royalty Fee 

7.Graphics Titles + Subtitles Quote should include all filming and production costs including equipment and studio time. 

Eligibility Criteria

Bidders must submit a CV and portfolio with relevant experience within the film industry and should demonstrate ability to produce the work being contracted to the high quality being sought. 

Selection Criteria 

Quality of portfolio presented; 

Knowledge of LGBTIQ and migrants’ issues and LGBTIQ affirmative approach; 

Technical and Financial Bid; 


Maximum funding available is of Eur 9,000 inclusive of VAT. 

Intellectual Property All intellectual property rights related to the Documentary belong to MGRM. 


Individuals may propose working jointly with one or more persons given the tight deadlines envisaged. This must be clearly stated in their submission. Bidders are to attach CV’s of each expert. 

Following the adjudication, any subcontracting to third parties other than the selected service provider/s needs to be approved in writing by MGRM other than for technical elements such as translations or proof reading. 

Bids are to be sent to MGRM on For any queries please contact Alex Caruana on +356 99255559. Deadline for quotes is 29 September 2020.

Safe and Seen Education Toolkit

Why should youths learn about LGBTIQ+ at school or in youth groups?

In 2017, MGRM conducted a survey among youth aged 13 – 22 in State and Church schools, and published the 2017 Malta National School Climate Survey Report in 2019. The survey reflected the absence of LGBTIQ affirming education, revealing the majority of respondents did not feel safe in their school environment and this has a negative impact on the wellbeing of students, and their educational success. However, LGBTIQ students tend to have positive feelings about their school when they find support from school staff, which highlighted the crucial role of educators in creating safe and accepting environments at school.

In the European Wide LGBTIQ Survey by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, 17% of Maltese LGBTI teenage students (15 to 17 years old) were still hiding being LGBTI at school, while 73% found support from their peers and teachers. At the same time, only 48% said their school education address LGBTI issues in a positive way.

In the Special Eurobarometer 493 on Discrimination in the European Union, published in 2019, over 71% of respondents agreed that school lessons and material should include diversity on sexual orientation, being transgender and being intersex.

These surveys highlight the importance of inclusive education for all youths, both those who identify as LGBTIQ and those who do not. It allows them to be better informed, support their peers, create a safe and welcome environment that fosters understanding on a personal and social level.

What does this toolkit consist of?

  • Structured workshop on history, with Powerpoint Presentations
  • A Queer Trivia Board Game covering History, Culture, General Knowledge, Open Questions, Maltese and International trivia
  • x2 Animated Explainer Videos
  • Information Leaflets for support, youth and parents

Who is it for?

The toolkit is to be used by educators working with youths 12 years and older. That includes:

  • PSCD, Social Studies, or History Teachers
  • Youth workers
  • Individuals who works with youths in groups
  • Youth organisations
Explainer Videos

LGBTIQ+ bil-Malti

LGBTIQ+ (with Sign Language)

Genderbread Person


The history workshop is split into 5 parts so you may continue on more than one day, and at the same time, not overload your audience with a lot of information in one go. Powerpoint Presentations, and the guide for each, can be downloaded below.

Youtube videos are playable in slides. Should you encounter issues, the video links are provided in the same slide to open in a browser.

Part 1: Native Americans

Download Presentation | EN / MT Download Guide

Part 2: The Holocaust

Download Presentation | EN / MT Download Guide

Part 3: Stonewall and Pride

Download Presentation | EN / MT Download Guide

Malta: Past to Present

Download Presentation | EN / MT Download Guide

Present Times Around the Globe

Download Presentation | EN / MT Download Guide


It is important to have watched the videos, and done the workshop before playing the Queer Trivia game. There are 6 themes, covering History, Culture, General Knowledge, Open Questions, Maltese and International trivia. Each theme is identified by a different colour of the Pride Rainbow. The board game consists of:

  • Game mat
  • 12 character pawns
  • Dice
  • 6 packs of themed cards
  • Instructions
  • Answers booklet

The board game comes in two forms. The only difference between the two is the size of the game mat and the character pawns. Which to choose depends on the number of game participants.


150cm square game mat when open, suitable for a class or large group. The mat is provided folded, and in an archive box with the rest of the toolkit items.


50cm square game mat when open, is suitable for small groups. The mat is provided folded, and in an archive box with the rest of the toolkit items.

About the Project

Malta ranks first again, for LGBTIQ rights in Europe according to ILGA-Europe’s Rainbow Map and Index 2020, scoring 89%, with much of that progress having been registered through the adoption of policies and legislation.

The European Wide LGBTIQ Survey by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency which was published recently presented some surprising statistics for Malta. While on a positive note, the majority of LGBTIQ individuals saw a decrease in intolerance and violence, and viewed the Government leading the charge in fighting this; the report also showed that almost 50% still fear holding a same-sex partner’s hand in public and just over 20% avoided certain places.

While much of what has been achieved is truly impressive, there is still work to be done in the area of education and awareness so that people in the community can be visible, and safe. This mainstreaming is an open-ended process.

Through this project, we hope to take this advocacy one step further by providing a service to the country’s educators, to ensure that they are better informed about how to incorporate LGBTIQ issues in the curriculum. By supporting all those working in education, we can tackle misinformation, try and combat ignorance, support greater understanding of the community as a whole, promote a safe and inclusive school environment as well as provide direct support for those struggling to deal with LGBTIQ issues or LGBTIQ individuals in the class room.

This project has been funded through the Voluntary Organisations Project Scheme managed by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector on behalf of Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sports and Voluntary Organisations within the Ministry for Education and Employment. This project/ publication reflects the views only of the author, and the MEDE and the MCVS cannot be held responsible for the content or any use which may be made of the information contained therein.