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Support MGRM and our work when you buy any one of our merchandise items or books. Rainbow flags, pins, bracelets, t-shirts, tote bags, books… you’re spoilt for choice! 

Your support will help us develop resources and work with the community through our various projects and in supporting those members of the community who are most vulnerable or who might be going through a difficult time. 

Over the past few years, we have created a documentary about the experiences of trans persons in Malta, developed various educational toolkits and resources for educators, and published books about the LGBTIQ activism and rights in Malta. We are currently working on a documentary about LGBTIQ asylum seekers in Malta and information leaflets to support LGBTIQ asylum seekers. 


Looking to grow your home library? Discover books about the changes in LGBTIQ Rights in Malta, Youth Activism as well as an anthology of queer art and literature by local artists and writers.

Queer Apparel

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Wear your true colours proudly by sporting our new merchandise. We now have T-Shirts and Tote Bags for sale.

Flags, Pins and more

We’ve also got pride flags, rainbow pins, bracelets and more pride merchandise. We’re still in the process of cataloging all this, so if you’re interested in something particular drop us an email at or message us on Facebook.