Our Work

Rainbow Support Service

MGRM offers various support services to LGBTIQ individuals as well as their families and friends. These include the National Gay Helpline, the weekly LGBTIQ Youth Drop-In, social work and counselling support, legal advice, and on-line support through email and social media. This office is also responsible for delivering talks and training to raise awareness on LGBTIQ issues among students, professional bodies, employers and the general public.
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MGRM has its own website, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter account through which it shares information on local and international events affecting the LGBTIQ community in Malta.  MGRM also maintains a visible presence in the media through press releases and participation in TV and radio programmes.

Legislation and Policy Change

In line with its strategic plan, MGRM is campaigning for a number of legislative and policy changes to be introduced. These include marriage equality; trans specific health care; HIV Prevention and Health Care; the introduction of anti-discrimination legislation in the provision of goods and services; and access to reproductive health services among others.


Research on Transgender issues was undertaken in 2008 through ESF funding. MGRM also conducted surveys on LGBT discrimination in Malta carried out in 2001 and 2008. It also participates in various research projects carried out by NCPE, FRA and ILGA-Europe. It is currently carrying out a project on LGBTI hate crime reporting.

Events and activities

MGRM organises a number of social events throughout the year as well as seminars and trainings related to ongoing work.


MGRM delegates attend conferences and seminars which focus on LGBTIQ issues and rights. MGRM is a member of IGLYO, ILGA, TGEU, PHROM and MCWO. MGRM members also participate in ILGA-Europe’s Advocacy Network. Such opportunities help us to build links with other organisations, serve as a means for training of staff and volunteers and enable the sharing of good practice.

Capacity Building

In order to function effectively MGRM works to improve its administrative capacity and to gain knowledge and skills that can help with lobbying and advocacy as well as with providing a service to the community. MGRM was successful in obtaining a capacity building grant through the Norway/EEA NGO Fund; a Grant from the US Embassy to establish the Rainbow Support Service and a Grant through the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme to undertake a number of training mobilities. Current Grants include VOPS and Agenzija Zghazagh funding.


Becoming a member, is a way of supporting MGRM’s work as well as lending it credibility in its role as the main national organisation advocating for LGBTIQ rights in Malta. Your annual contribution helps us cover our ongoing expenses and makes it possible for us to co-fund projects and events. To become a member kindly go to our ‘Become a Member’ page