Help make LGBTIQ lives better

While Malta has progressed in leaps and bounds in the field of LGBTIQ rights and Maltese society has become more accepting, some LGBTIQ people still experience harassment, bullying and discrimination.

MGRM, through its Rainbow Support Service is there to assist those LGBTIQ individuals and family members when they are most vulnerable.

Your lifesaving gift today will help us expand our advocacy efforts, provide training to those on the frontline, strengthen our helpline, reach out to young LGBTIQ people, address the needs of parents and Rainbow Families, ensure that elderly LGBTIQ people are treated with dignity and respect, lobby for comprehensive and affordable healthcare for trans people and those with HIV, provide legal support when required and assist LGBTIQ refugees fleeing from persecution in their home countries.

Together, we can make sure that LGBTIQ people know they are not alone for even a single minute.

Every contribution, however small, helps MGRM to continue to provide necessary services and advocate for equal treatment of LGBTIQ persons.

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