Call for Author

Following last year’s exhibition “20 Years of Trailblazing”, we will be celebrating Katya Saunders through a biographical publication with photographical inserts that aims to provide the reader with detail about the late Katya’s life.

Katya Saunders was a trailblazer and an icon for Malta’s LGBTIQ+ movement. One of the first trans women in Malta, Katya was known for her iconic fashion, modelling experience and cabaret performances. When she passed away in 2019, it quickly emerged there was more than meets the eye.

In absence of voluntary organisations, and at a time when trans identities remained controversial, Katya quickly created her own support system, sheltering friends and young people who became homeless. Through her actions, her friends insist that Katya metaphorically laid down the red carpet for today’s LGBTIQ scene, to be able to safely come out and live their lives.

MGRM has also secured the support of Katya’s friends and family, which will give this project a complete picture. Together with friends and family, MGRM will be able to point the author towards the right people who hold key information about Katya and details of her life.

The publication will be launched alongside an exhibition featuring her photographs, garments and jewellery.

Terms of Reference

  • To determine, after consulting the MGRM’s team, the content and form of the book.
  • To hold interviews with people who knew Katya and suggest new content when needed.
  • To bear in mind the context of the book.
  • Coordinate with MGRM’s team and provide critical input to the book as well as collect key information and media materials.
  • The creative liberty of the author will be respective.

Eligibility Criteria

Bidders must submit a CV and portfolio with relevant experience in writing and/or journalism while also demonstrating the ability to produce the work being contracted to the high quality being sought.

MGRM will be looking to understand the sensitivity of the author around the lived experience of minority groups in Malta.

Selection Criteria

  • Quality of portfolio presented;
  • Knowledge of LGBTIQ issues and LGBTIQ affirmative approach
  • Technical and Financial Bid.


Maximum funding available is €4,000 inclusive of VAT.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights belong to MGRM.


Individuals may propose working jointly with one or more persons given the tight deadlines envisaged. This must be clearly stated in their submission. Bidders are to attach CV’s of each expert.
Following the adjudication, any subcontracting to third parties other than the selected service provider/s needs to be approved in writing by MGRM other than for technical elements such as translations or proof reading.

Bids are to be sent to MGRM on For any queries, please contact Robert Attard on +356 99255559. Deadline is 15th March 2022.


Call Application Deadline 15th March
Contracting of selected author 22nd `March
Gathering qualitative & quantitative data 17th June
Final Draft 9th September
Proofreading 21st October
Printing 11th November
Book Launch 9th December
This project has been funded through the Voluntary Organisations Project Scheme managed by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector supported by the Ministry for Inclusion, Voluntary Organisations and Consumer Rights (MIVC)