Give go-ahead to gay marriage at once, MGRM says

Since the two main political leaders appear to be in agreement over marriages to all couples, irrespective of gender, a Bill should be put forward without delay to sanction it, the Malta Gay Rights Movement said this morning.

In a statement, the MGRM said it welcomed the support expressed for marriage equality from both the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Opposition leader Simon Busuttil.

Dr Muscat said yesterday he was in favour of gay marriage and believed it was time for a debate on the matter.

The Prime Minister was asked for his position about the matter by a woman who said she was in a gay relationship during an activity to mark Woman’s Day. The Prime Minister’s reaction was seen by many as a diversion tactic from the Panama scandal.

Reacting shortly afterwards, the PN leader said that since the Civil Unions Act gave gays the same rights and obligations of a civil marriage, he could not see any difficulty in changing the name of the law to reflect what it really was – a marriage.