Gender Identity Bill approved unanimously

The Gender Identity Bill was unanimously adopted by the House of Representatives this evening.

Both government and opposition voted for the bill when it was moved for third reading by Equal Opportunities Minister Helena Dalli.

When she introduced the bill early in February, Ms Dalli explained how one would henceforth not require a medical intervention to be recognised in the gender with which one identified. It shall be everyone’s right to request the Director of the Public Registry to change the recorded gender and, or, first name, to reflect that person’s self-determined gender identity.

The director will not require evidence other than a notarial deed including a clear and unequivocal declaration by the applicant that one’s gender identity does not correspond to the assigned sex in the act of birth.

The law will also provide parents with the possibility to postpone the entry of a gender marker on their children’s birth certificate until the child is 14 years old.

Although the third reading of a bill is usually routine, all government MPs were present for the vote except ministers Anton Refalo (sick) and Evarist Bartolo who is abroad. Many opposition MPs were absent including Opposition leader Simon Busuttil, who had however earlier tweeted that the Opposition was backing the Bill.