Free to be me – Celebration of diversity and equality in Valletta

This afternoon Valletta was transformed into a rainbow of colours this afternoon as people gathered to celebrate diversity in this year’s PRIDE march.

Activists gathered at City Gate and walked up towards St George’s Square. This year’s PRIDE celebrations followed the theme Free To Be Me, celebrating the diverse community living within and contributing to Maltese society.

The annual PRIDE march is still very much relevant today – we do have the laws in place, however it is now a question of mentality. It is only when the mentality shifts that diversity is truly accepted and I hope my presence here delivers that message,” Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil said.

Justice Minister Owen Bonnici noted that the Labour government has been pro-active in LGBT rights. “You can never say we’ve made it – there’s always more to be done on equality. The next step is to discuss LGBT rights for IVF treatment,” he said.

“ The Nationalist Party is here to celebrate diversity. The party is changing – adapting to the needs of society today. That does not mean you put aside your principles or values – LGBTs still very much hold on to their core beliefs,” shadow minister Claudette Buttigieg said.

The march was organised by MGRM, AXM, Drachma and Drachma Parents, We Are, Gender Liberation, LGBTI+ Gozo, FOIPN and MSDC.