‘Daddy, Papa and Me’ among books to be distributed to primary school teachers, students on diversity

A set of books on diversity are to be distributed to students, teachers and families including ‘Daddy, Papa and Me’, ‘The Sissy Duckling’, ‘Be Who You Are’ and ‘My Princess Boy’.

This was announced by Education Minister Evarist Bartolo and the coordinator of the Malta Gay Rights Movement Gabi Calleja during a news conference held at the Education Ministry this afternoon.

Ms Calleja said that the funds used to purchase such educational material for teachers, students and parents were part of an EEA/Norway NGO grant programme. She said however that this project should serve as a basis for bigger future projects on diversity.

Mr Bartolo said that “no community should be excluded, no matter how small the community is”, referring to transgender students and “such tools would help students feel they belong to the school and not feel excluded”. He said the educational books and videos will also help parents deal with situations involving their children. 

Ms Calleja said that a number of workshops were held with teachers as part of the project.

She announced that an expert on LGBTIQ issues will be coming over from the US to give a talk to NGOs on such issues.

Source: independent.com.mt