LGBTI report: Malta climbs to third place in ILGA-Europe’s 2015 rainbow map

Malta this year advanced to third place from its 2014 11th placing  with an overall score of 77% (57% in 2014) when it comes to LGBTIlegislative and constitutional issues tied to LGBTI.

These results were published in ILGA-Europe’s rainbow map which looks at the progress, or the lack of it, which has been made on LGBTI issues.

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Historic leap in equality as Malta rises to third place in ILGA ranking

Malta Gay Rights Movement coordinator, Gabi Calleja: “That Malta is now at the forefront of the struggle for LGBTIQ equality is something that encourages us to continue in our advocacy efforts”

Malta has shot up to a historic third ranking in the International Lesbian-Gay Association’s ‘Rainbow Europe’ league, for having advanced in LGBTI rights – namely with the introduction of civil unions and gender identity laws that made worldwide headlines.

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