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20 Years of Trailblazing (EN)

Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2021. To celebrate this significant moment, an exhibition was held showcasing MGRM’s activism throughout the past 20 years, and to show its contribution to the transformation seen in the LGBTIQ+ rights in Malta over the last two decades.

The book includes pictures from the early years of MGRM, to moments of supporting the community and a timeline of key dates in Malta’s Road to LGBTIQ equality.

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A Seat at the Table (EN)

What started off as the personal thoughts of a Maltese man living in Brussels turned into a journey of discovery. Simon Bartolo explores how how in a few years Malta underwent a complete change in attitude towards LGBTIQ rights, from being ultra-conservative to having a legal framework that has been referred to by the United Nations as ‘a gold standard’.

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LGBTIQ Youth Activism: The Past and the Present (EN)

A collection of interviews conducted with the people who were pioneers of the Maltese LGBTIQ activism and with the younger generation of activists, those who will determine the future of the LGBTIQ movement were carried out also.

The book describes the rewards of activism as well as the challenges one might encounter along this journey.

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Kitba Queer Anthology (EN + MT)

In October 2018, Malta’s first ever anthology of LGBTQI+ literature, comprising short poems, prose and a children’s story in Maltese and English, as well as illustrations, was published. The anthology was compiled by various young queer local artists and artists, dealing with topics such as love and relationships, identity and self-discovery, and the process of acceptance.

Kitba Queer continued in 2020, in collaboration with MGRM- the Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement.

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Mapping the Rainbow (EN)

Mapping the Rainbow is a collection of research conducted in undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees which focus on LGBTIQ related issues. The publication is a collaboration between MGRM, The Human Rights Directorate and the Department of Gender Studies and Sexualities and the Europe Direct Information Centre of the University of Malta

Amongst others, the studies deal with Non-Conformity and Institutions, Social Issues and Education.

The publication is edited by Dr Marceline Naudi and Dr Claire Azzopardi Lane.

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2 Books

Any two books from:

• A Seat at the Table - by Simon Bartolo

• LGBTIQ Youth Activism:
The Past and the Present

 • Kitba Queer Anthology


3 Books

• A Seat at the Table - by Simon Bartolo

• LGBTIQ Youth Activism:
The Past and the Present

 • Kitba Queer Anthology


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