Call for Videographer

Leading up to EuroPride 2023 in Valletta, MGRM are planning on celebrating the diversity of Malta’s LGBTIQ+ community through a short documentary.

The main focus of this documentary is to gather the voices of the LGBTIQ community, those allied to the community or who represent LGBTIQ voices. Through a diverse selection of individuals, we aim to create a documentary that truly shows the plethora of ideas and opinions, and different intersections of the local LGBTIQ+ community. 

An open workshop with local LGBTIQ+ people interested in contributing to the idea will be held in February, to further drive the documentary into their desired direction. This would enhance the idea of having a community led documentary. 

Terms of Reference

  • Production Pre-Production / Production – Development of StoryBoard and Script 
  • Filming Sit down interviews 
  • Filming:  4 – 6 groups/individuals 
  • Editing an approx. 30-40 minute Documentary 
  • Audio Voice Over recording sessions 
  • Usage of Royalty Free Music  
  • Graphics Titles + Subtitles Quote should include all filming and production costs including equipment and studio time. 

Eligibility Criteria

Bidders must submit a CV and portfolio with relevant experience within the film industry and should demonstrate ability to produce the work being contracted to the high quality being sought. 

Selection Criteria

  • Quality of portfolio presented
  • Familiarity with the local LGBTIQ  community and LGBTIQ affirmative approach
  • Technical and Financial Bid


Maximum funding available is €13,000 inclusive of VAT. 

Intellectual Property All intellectual property rights related to the Documentary belong to MGRM. 


Individuals may propose working jointly with one or more persons given the tight deadlines envisaged. This must be clearly stated in their submission. Bidders are to attach CV’s of each expert. 

Following the adjudication, any subcontracting to third parties other than the selected service provider/s needs to be approved in writing by MGRM other than for technical elements such as translations or proof reading. 

Bids are to be sent by post or in person to Alexis Milne on Voluntary Center, 181, Melita Street, Valletta, VLT1129. Prior to sending, ensure that the envelope is sealed, and the project number (A1.18.2023) is written on the back. The call can be found on the Government Gazette here (page 1169/PDF page 115). For any additional queries please contact Robert Attard on +356 99255559. Deadline for quotes is 24th February 2023.


Call Application Deadline 24th  February
Contracting of selected videographer 28th February
Approval of storyboard 30th March
First Cut 30th June
Final Cut 4th August
Documentary Launch September 2023