A Seat at the Table by Simon Bartolo

The Coming of Age of the LGBTIQ Movement in Malta

Over the past year MGRM has been working on a publication aimed at documenting the history of the LGBTIQ Movement. This is part of a project entitled A Seat at the Table: The Coming of Age of the LGBTIQ Movement in Malta co-funded through VOPS 2017. Simon Bartolo was commissioned to research and author the publication.

What started off as the personal thoughts of a Maltese man living in Brussels turned into a journey of discovery. Over the past few years Malta has undergone a complete change in attitude towards LGBTIQ rights, from being ultra-conservative to having a legal framework that has been referred to by the United Nations as a gold standard.

Simon Bartolo meets some of the courageous people who were an integral part of this ongoing change in mentality of a whole nation. He sets out with just one question in mind, ‘what was the magic that made it all happen?’ The answers he gets are surprising, touching, funny, and poignant, but always life-affirming.

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