New initiative launched by President's foundation Most parents would step in if they heard one of their children call the
Jiem qabel ma pajjiżna jinxtegħel bil-kuluri tal-qawsalla għall-ġimgħa magħrufa bħala l-Pride Week, il-Fondazzjoni tal-President għall-Ġid tas-Soċjetà nediet proġett bl-isem ta’ Rainbow
The garden of the President’s Palace at San Anton will become the venue for meetings of the Rainbow Families Network,
Malta has been a top-scorer in some of this year’s results in LGBT rights studies. The island – often described
In a damning indictment of Malta’s prison conditions, the Constitutional Court has just awarded seven transgender inmates EUR30,000 in compensation
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has announced that, through the International Classification of Diseases 11, Gender Incongruence, previously Gender Dysphoria,
“Esperjenzi li għandna nkunu kburin bihom” – dan kien il-qofol ta’ konferenza li saret aktar kmieni dan ix-xahar f’Londra u
Government's proposed controversial amendments to the Embryo Protection Act passed through Parliament this evening, with 34 votes in favour, and
Couple fought six-year battle to get their marriage recognised in Romania The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg has ruled
Court says state panel violated baker's religious rights The US. Supreme Court on Monday handed a victory on narrow grounds