Civil Liberties Minister says that gender identity law won't lead to people capriciously choosing to change their legally recognized gender A
Gabi Calleja tinħatar iċ-Chairperson tal-Kunsill Konsultattiv LGBTI L-attivista fil-qasam tad-drittijiet ċivili u l-koordinatriċi tal-Malta Gay Rights Movement (MGRM) Gabi Calleja
MGRM launch ‘Think before you speak: Making life better for LGBT youth’ sponsored by Voices Foundation. The Malta Gay Rights
The Malta Gay Rights Movement and human rights NGO Aditus have welcomed the government’s amendment to a law which discriminated
Freedom of Movement directive fully transposed but leaves Maltese in same-sex relationships with third country nationals enjoying less protection. The
The Malta Gay Rights Movement this afternoon expressed its disappointment after the Constitutional Court  upheld an appeal by the Attorney
People have gathered outside the Sapphire Suite in Żebbuġ to protest against the controversial practice of gay conversions this evening,
Gay Rights activists brightened up Valletta’s Republic Street by handing out bright carnations to passers-by to mark the international day Against
Il-Malta Gay Rights Movement u l-għaqda aditus, entità mhux governattiva li taħdem fl-ambitu tad-drittijiet tal-bnie­dem, ikkundannaw lill-Gvern Malti għat-trans­po­żizz­joni inkorretta
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