Safe and Seen: Call for Animated Video Theme 2

MGRM is looking for a person to design an animated video clip for their project Safe and Seen.

Theme: Genderbread Person

The main aim of this clip is to explain the genderbread person in Maltese with English subtitles. Through the genderbread person, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and biological sex will be explained. The clip will be shared mostly amongst an adolescent audience in middle and secondary schools, youth groups and the general media to raise awareness about these differences.

Style: 2D Animation

The animated genderbread person will be used to explain the above information and should be around 2 minutes long.


Application Deadline: 23rd January
Approval of Storyboard: 13th February
1st Draft: 7th March
Final Delivery: 22nd March

Eligibility Criteria

-Quality of CV and portfolio presented
-A minimum of 3 years’ experience in video making with 2D Animation experience
-Knowledge and experience in LGBTIQ issues

-Quality of CV and portfolio presented
-A minimum of 3 years’ experience in video making and Infographic style
-Knowledge and experience in LGBTIQ issues 

Provider will be responsible for

  1. Concept Creation / Style
  2. Develop the Story Board
  3. Provide the script in Maltese
  4. Edit / Animate Video / Effects
  5. Include a Voice Over
  6. Use Royalty Free Audio Tracks: Stock Music
  7. Provide subtitles in English
  8. Export Final Project


Both videos are to be produced for MGRM. MGRM will discuss the information that needs to be inputted in the clip with the service provider.


Maximum funding available is of Eur 2,000 inclusive of VAT.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights related to the Clips belong to MGRM.


Individuals may propose working jointly with one or more persons given the tight deadlines envisaged. This must be clearly stated in their submission. Bidders are to attach CVs and portfolios of each expert.

Following the adjudication, any subcontracting to third parties other than the selected service provider/s needs to be approved in writing by MGRM other than for technical elements such as translations or proof reading.

Bids are to be sent to MGRM on For any queries please contact Alex Caruana on 99255559. Deadline for quotes is 23rd January.

About Project “Safe and Seen”

Malta ranks first for LGBTIQ rights in Europe according to ILGA-Europe’s Rainbow Index with much of that progress having been registered through the adoption of policies and legislation. While much of what has registered by promoting awareness of LGBTIQ issues and the services available, so as to have a more inclusive and open society. This mainstreaming is an open-ended process. Through this project, we hope to take his advocacy one step further by providing a service to the country’s educators, to ensure that they are better informed about how to incorporate LGBTIQ issues in the curriculum. By supporting all those working in education, we can tackle misinformation, try and combat ignorance, support greater understanding of the community as a whole, promote a safe and inclusive school environment as well as provide direct support for those struggling to deal with LGBTIQ issues or LGBTIQ individuals in the class room.

In addition to raising awareness and understanding of LGBTIQ issues and the concerns of this community we aim to raise the profile and increase awareness of under-represented groups including bisexuals, the trans community, intersex persons and those identifying as queer. In these areas, misinformation is widespread and tolerance low. To this end, this project aims to bring real value added to the Maltese education system by providing a service to raise awareness of LGBTIQ issues amongst teachers and those working in the education sector, to facilitate the provision of information and skills on these issues, to provide a contact point for educators should they need assistance as well as establishing a long-term plan for this service to continue beyond the duration of this project.

This project has been funded through the Voluntary Organisations Project Scheme managed by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector on behalf of Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sports and Voluntary Organisations within the Ministry for Education and Employment. This project/publication reflects the views only of the author, and the MEDE and the MCVS cannot be held responsible for the content or any use which may be made of the information contained therein.